The Whitespace language

Whitespace is a programming language using only Space, Tab, and Line feed, any other character being ignored. More information about this language can be found on the official website:

WSC, the .NET whitespace compiler

The whitespace compiler creates a .NET executable assembly from whitespace source code. This assembly can then be run using the Microsoft .NET Framework, or the Mono Runtime.
The wsc compiler is written in C# and uses a C module. It can be compiled and used under Microsoft Windows or GNU/Linux: A Microsoft Visual Studio 8 solution file is included in the source archive, along with a UNIX Makefile. Under Windows, you will have to run lex-yacc/build-parser.bat in order to create the whitespace parser before compiling the solution.
16 whitespace examples are provided, they can be compiled to .NET executables.
To compile a binary, run: [mono] wsc.exe [-o filename.exe]. Omitting the output filename will produce a program named " .exe".
Some exceptions are sent if your code is invalid, if you don't have write access to the output binary for example. Please feel free to submit a patch if you find a bug.


WSC is released under the terms of the mighty GNU GPL, in its second version.


The project is hosted on Google Hosting
Anonymous SVN Access: svn checkout spacesharp